Fyne Ales is based on the Achadunan Estate, a stretch of land within the stunning Glen Fyne that has been used for farming for hundreds of years. The majority of the brewery's activities take place in converted farm buildings, Origins Brewing included.

Origins Brewing is based in the original Fyne Ales brewery, a converted dairy. Much of the building’s structure and many of its features have been retained from its original construction. Through decades of years of agricultural use and over fifteen years of brewing, the building has developed a unique character that we hope will be evident in every Fyne Ales Origins Brewing beer.


What goes into the brew is important for every Fyne Ales beer, but especially for those created as part of Origins Brewing as we try to capture the feel of our unique location in every brew.

In addition to drawing rainwater from the hills adjacent to the brewery for brewing, we’re committed to using as much Scottish malt and locally foraged ingredients as possible in producing Origins Brewing beers. We believe that by combining sustainable, local produce with unorthodox ingredients sourced through friends or from further afield will lead to the most interesting, intriguing and unique flavours.



Wood has a key role in the creation of the majority of Origins brewing beers - barrels feature heavily in production for both fermentation and maturation vessels to help create flavour in the beers.

Since 2015, we have been growing our collection of oak barrels, sourced from both near and far with a variety of original uses including grappa, wine, whisky and more.


In using the original Fyne Ales brewery as a home for Origins Brewing, our team have been given the freedom to experiment with fermentation, combining mixed cultures and wild yeasts captured from the environment in and around the brewery with unorthodox ingredients in the pursuit of interesting flavours.

We're confident that as the Origins Brewing project grows, so will our knowledge of our environment, and how it influences our beers.