For over fifteen years Fyne Ales has been making outstanding, flavourful beer based at a working farm in north-west Scotland. We are immensely proud of being an authentic farmhouse brewery; which is why we’ve created Fyne Ales Origins Brewing.

Origins Brewing beers draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, but are deeply rooted in who we are and where we come from. Every beer is brewed in the original Fyne Ales brewery, a converted dairy, with the goal of creating distinctive and exciting flavours that give a sense of provenance in every bottle.

We see Fyne Ales Origins Brewing as an adventure; not everything created as part of the project will be a success, but part of what makes this project exciting is the chance to try new things, and learn more about beer and brewing as we go. If the idea of complex and flavourful beers that showcase what it means to be a modern, Scottish farmhouse brewery sounds good to you, consider this an invitation to join us.



The Origins Brewing project has been a long time coming - it's the culmination of four years of learning, experimenting and developing a vision for what the project should be.

Between Summer 2013 and Autumn 2017, Fyne Ales has barrel-finished a beer for the first time, produced its first mixed fermentation beer, began brewing lactobacillus beers on a commercial scale, brewed our first spontaneously fermented beer(s) and created the Farmhouse Project, a series of beers that were effectively a pilot for Origins Brewing. 


sense of place

We've always believed that Glen Fyne, where Fyne Ales is based, is a special place. It's more than just a location for brewing, it's an ecosystem that we are an active part of and contributor to.

Origins Brewing takes our relationship with the glen even further - each beer is itself an ecosystem within the wider environment, with resident microflora, locally-sourced additions and ambient temperatures allowed to influence the character of each beer in unique ways to give a sense of place in every drop.



Though Origins Brewing was created as a showcase of Fyne Ales’ unique provenance, the project's beers draw inspiration from diverse sources including experiences, friendships and brewing methods and practices from around the world.

What's important is the the way these influences are creatively brought together under the beams of the original Fyne Ales brewery to create truly unique beers.


One of the most exciting things about Origins Brewing is that it has empowered the Fyne Ales brewing team to challenge themselves, to take risks and explore new ways of making beer. We see this project as our chance to contribute something special to the ongoing story of Scottish beer, an opportunity our team has seized by creating interesting, expressive beers that intentionally push the boundaries of style.



When Fyne Ales was founded in 2001, its logo featured the 'fA' circle device set on a hop leaf, which was later retired to another part of the labels and pump clips of our classic range of beers.

The Fyne Ales hop leaf has been brought to prominence again to as part of the Origins Brewing design to serve as a reminder that no matter our big our ambitions grow, or how far our exploration takes us, that at its core, Origins Brewing is about where we come from.